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Teacher Resource Center: Fermilab Science Materials

Select from several categories of items available from the Fermilab Education Office. Teachers created these classroom materials as part of Fermilab educational programs. The following materials may be ordered either through the Education Office or through the Fermilab Friends for Science Education Online Store.

** Use the online order form (pdf).**

You can fill it out online, save it, print it and send it by US mail.

We do not provide free previewing of materials through the mail. All materials are available in the Teacher Resource Center. The samplers of instructional units may be useful. Teacher guide materials are often available as pdf files.

Order the following items directly from the Education Office;; 630-840-8258. Payment may be made by district purchase order, charge or check. Items may be picked up at the Lederman Science Center. For information regarding shipping, contact the Education Office.

  • Instructional Units
    1. Beauty and Charm at Fermilab - Materials for the Curriculum Kit. A List of materials available from Fermilab is listed in the Teacher's Guide (pdf)
    2. Revised Topics in Modern Physics - NO CHARGE
  • Multimedia
    1. The Atom Smashers (80:00), DVD - $19.00
    2. Sense of Scale (28:00), DVD - $5.00
    3. Fermilab and the LHC video essay, DVD - $5.00
    4. Fermilab Physics Activities CD, Interactive - $5.00
    5. Particle Detectives (25:00), DVD - $5.00
    6. Accelerating Science (5:50), DVD - $5.00

  • Posters at the Online Store
    Black and White
    1. Big Bang (18"x24") - $4.00
    2. Fermilab Prairie Flora and Fauna (21"x24") - $4.00
    3. Powers of Ten (15"x25") - $4.00
    4. Quark Structure (16"x22") - $4.00
    5. Unification of the Forces (17"x23") - $4.00

    Color images are available through Fermilab's Visual Media Services Department.

  • Fermi Logo Items
    Check out our online store to see the selections available including clothing, accessories and science toys.
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