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The First International Powers of Ten Day
October 10, 2000

A richness of resources for math, science, social studies and the arts await educators and lifelong learners in the Powers of Ten resources. The classic film, Powers of Ten, explores time and space through seconds and meters increasing by powers of ten. Artists and designers Charles and Ray Eames created the film. The concept of powers of ten takes on added impact and richness through the addition of a CD-ROM, DVD, Website and now international event.

The purpose of the event was to promote and encourage "Powers of Ten thinking," a form of cross-disciplinary thought and value used to approach ideas and problems from perspectives big and small. On October 10 the Eames Office provided a Webcast of the nine-minute film as well as a forum for brainstorming activities of all sorts from educational to business, architectural, design and even retail uses of the materials.

The CD-ROM is about how humans have explored and continue to explore the richness of the universe. It explores powers of ten from 10 to the -18 through 10 to the 25. Strands of related images, video, text and more include: Space, Time, Tools, People, Eames, and Patterns. The new generation of powers of ten including the Website helps us grasp the fact that "things which appear infinite, turn out not be" and that as Charles Eames once said, "eventually everything connects."

"Hopefully this will help you understand a little more about scale, and maybe even make you feel comfortable with not knowing things. Science is a quest in progress; despite all that mankind has uncovered thus far; many things remain mysterious and are still being investigated. Of course, not knowing is not an end in itself, but it is the beginning of posing the right questions. Therefore, maybe the most valuable things that the individuals featured in the People Strand can teach you are not so much their discoveries or inventions, but how they think, how they approach their problems."

Go to the Website for the Webcast, product purchase and to watch for future Powers of Ten days in upcoming years. Connect at: www.powersof10.com

The video (VHS $39.95; PALS $59.95), CD-ROM ($79.95) and DVD ($24.99) may be purchased through the Website as well.

On October 29, 2000 the Chicago Academy of Sciences will open the traveling exhibition of the Powers of Ten.

A first! Come to the TRC on January 13th for a resourceful opportunity

Those of you who have come to use the wealth of resources in the Teacher Resource Center know how fast we have grown and how quickly our resources exceed our space. We keep on top of this only by weeding out materials such as educational software that is no longer available for purchase or curriculum materials that have been replaced by newer editions. Still we know that creative, innovative educators may find a use for these materials. Come and see what's available before it's out the door. One day only from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Due to the extent of materials available we are not be able to detail all that we are offering. Come and see. RSVP via e-mail to: stephens@fnal.gov.

A new generation of curriculum materials

Beyond Books, sample activity included on pages 7 and 8 and Science Brainium, which we will feature in the next sciencelines, are examples of some of the new materials that can supplement a textbook or perhaps be used as a student text with more features than a traditional textbook. If you are using a science kit program that does not include student reading materials, some of these online resources may work for you.

See Global Warming Activity on BeyondBooks page