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Classroom Activities

The Lederman Science Education Center Teacher Resource Center wishes to be a clearinghouse of science educator success. Classroom Activities will be included in future issues of sciencelines online.

The print edition of sciencelines for this quarter included an activity by Pat Franzen, co-author of Particles and Prairies and teacher at Madison Junior High, District 203, Naperville, IL. If you are interested in receiving a print copy of this activity, send e-mail to the editor. This activity is an adaptation of an on-site activity from the Particles and Prairies program at Fermilab. "The Flight of the Bumblebee" is designed in the constructivist mode placing the teacher in the role of facilitator for learning rather than the imparter of knowledge. Background information, grade level and objectives are included as well as a list of needed materials. A scenario is presented for the students as a challenge to encounter. Data should be collected by students and collaborations among small groups will take place. Collaboration and synthesis of information from a variety of sources from print to experts in the field will lead to a presentation or product to demonstrate.