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Help Yourself to These Opportunities . . . .

Scholastic's, The Magic School Bus. Activity Guide for Season 2. Activities for this seasons's thirteen episodes are included in this 35-page activity guide. Episodes of the Magic School Bus will continue to be aired on PBS-WTTW Channel 11 on Sundays at 8:00 am (Season 1) and 10:30 am (Season 2). "The Magic School Bus can be taped off the air for use in classrooms and community-group settings, as long as tapes are erased after three years." Topics this season include: body mechanics, bats, microbes, engines, energy and space rocks to name a few. Copies are available upon request from the Teacher Resource Center.

The DuPage County Solid Waste Department and the Solid Waste Education Center will be sponsoring the DuPage County Book Rescue and Recycling Day on Saturday, September 30, 1995 from 9 am to 3 pm at the DuPage County Recycling Center, 550 Center Avenue in Carol Stream. Come to rescue books of all kinds, hardback, soft-covered, textbooks, paperbacks and journals. You can either bring in books to donate or select books from the donations at the same time assisting with the current shortage of paper products to recycle. For more information call 708-752-4450.

Computer Learning Foundation celebrates Computer Learning Month in October annually. An annual publication is available that lists kits of materials to celebrate the month, articles about partnerships, contests, publications and fundraising opportunities. It includes the statement of the Computer Learning Foundation, "Code of Responsible Computing." For more informationn write to: Computer Learning Foundation, P.O. Box 60400, Palo Alto, CA 94306-0400; phone: 415-327-3347; fax: 415-327-3349; e-mail: clf@legal.com.