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Help Yourself to These Opportunities . . . .

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Free CD-Rom. A Collection of Curriculum Standards and Frameworks for Mathematics and Science Education is available through ENC free of charge. It is a professional development tool designed to help teachers learn more about important issues in math and science reform. It includes 100 journal articles and framework documents. The complete National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards as well as curriculum frameworks for math and science for several states are contained. Articles cover topics such as how to implement the Standards, different assessment methods, curriculum design and the use of technology in math and science education. Specific math, science and pedagogical concepts are discussed such as estimation, collaborative learning, or the integration of science, technology, and society (STS) into the curriculum design. To obtain the CD, submit a letter on school letterhead signed by the principal and mail to: Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, Ohio State University, 1929 Kenny Rd., Columbus, OH 43210-1079.

NetDay 96 - every school Internet-ready. NetDay96 is an all-volunteer effort to wire schools throughout the country to the Internet. Corporate sponsors and volunteers from businesses, education, and the community will acquire the equipment and will install and test it at every school site. Kits for wiring and technical seminars have been in the works.

Encourage your local businesses to learn about NetDay which is organized on the Web. If you are unable to get on-line, call the fax-on-demand number at 1-800-55-NET96 to obtain faxed information and registration forms. If you have access to the Web connect at: http://www.netday96.com/

Each state has different dates, contacts and goals. Illinois' NetDay goal is to have 50% of Illinois K-12 schools wired by April 1997. NetDay in Illinois will be held October 26, 1996. For further information, consult the NetDay Web site or the fax-on-demand number.

Precollege programs at Fermilab are co-sponsored by Friends of Fermilab and are funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Education and Technology Information, the National Science Foundation, the State of Illinois and by grants from private foundations and corporate and individual contributions.