Investigating Parts Per Million Student Lab Sheet #1


1. Place clear plastic cups on sheet where they can be clearly labeled A-J.

2. Place 10 ml of 10% colored solution in the first cup (A).

3. Using an eyedropper, remove 1 ml of solution and place in the next cup (B).

4. Add 9 ml of water to cup B. Observe color and record in Data Table.

5. Using the eyedropper, take 1 ml of solution from cup B and place in cup C. Observe.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for cups D through I. Observe and record.




 A    0.1 (100,000 ppm)
 B    0.01 (10,000 ppm)

Indicate which cup represents a lethal concentration of :

 NaCl (salt)   Iron  Silver  Mercury