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Elementary and Midlevel School Science

Resources for Teaching Elementary School Science

A completely revised edition of the 1988 guide, Science for Children: Resources for Teachers, Resources for Teaching Elementary School Science was released recently. It is an annotated guide to hands-on, inquiry-centered curriculum materials and sources of help for teaching elementary science. The guide annotates about 350 curriculum packages, describing the activities involved and what students learn. Each annotation also lists recommended grade levels, accompanying materials and kits or suggested equipment, and ordering information. A section of references lists books about science and teaching, directories and guides to science trade books, and magazines. The book also lists about 600 science centers, museums, and zoos; almost 300 facilities that help teachers; more than 100 organizations to obtain resources; and names and addresses of publishers and suppliers.

Appendix B is the NSRC Evaluation Criteria for Curriculum Materials. The evaluation is an extensive review form that was used to study the materials included in the guide. National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Lockbox 285, Washington, DC 20055. ISBN: 0-309-05293-9; 1996, 312 pages, paperbound, $17.95.


Find It! Science - CD-ROM

Do you wish you had more recent materials in science for your students to use? Do you wish you had a more interesting way for students to find out what books are available to answer their probing questions? Find It! Science can be just the thing.

Find It! Science is for kindergarten through eighth grade students and educators. This Macintosh multimedia CD-Rom guides educators and students in selecting appropriate fiction and nonfiction literature to support the science curriculum. It features book cover images and annotations which inform users in their selection of high quality books. In the process, students will improve their higher-order thinking skills. Students will enjoy the user-friendly interface that allows searching for books under traditional areas like title and author but also includes a "Wonders" section including questions and interesting facts to arouse their curiosity. Prompts for "What's next?" can give students clues to their searching strategies as the Find It! list keeps a log of their searching steps. Other useful features include a button to "Querky Subjects" and "Brainstorms" to prompt a topic. Students can indicate the kind of book such as length and reading difficulty as well as other features.

Teachers and library media specialists will appreciate the scope (over 3,000 titles!) and the quality of the books included. Features include snapshots from several authoritative review sources. A "Special Requests" section includes "Book Winners," "For the Classroom," "For the Library" and "Biographies of Scientists."

The guide which accompanies the book is an excellent support for suggestions on how to blend literature and science, set up interest stations and extensions in the curricula and in general stimulate the science learning experience.

Updates will be produced beginning 1997. Cost is $189.00. Follett Software Company, 1391 Corporate Drive, McHenry, IL 60050-7041, 800-323-3397.