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Fourth Annual Educational Software Review

The Teacher Resource Center and the Mathematics and Science Consortia of North Central Regional Educational Laboratory held its Fourth Annual Educational Software Review on October 10-11, 1997. Educators participated in the review of over one hundred products in the form of CD-ROMS, Laserdiscs and educational software on disc. These products are in the Teacher Resource Center collection now consisting of over 800 titles for educators to come in and preview themselves. Reviewers' forms are on file to see grade level recommendations, strengths and weaknesses as well as other comments about the educational resources. All positively reviewed products will be recommended to the International Society for Technology in Education publication, Educational Software Preview Guide which is published annually and available at the Lederman Science Center for $7.00. The following "favorites" list is contributed for inclusion in the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development's guide, Only the Best.

Participants received information about how to integrate instructional technology into the classroom and curricula based on the NCREL publication, Plugging In. They also received a bibliography of resources about technology plans, research about teachers and technology and additional software review sources.

Schedule a visit to the Teacher Resource Center if your district, building or library is looking for information on multimedia materials. School and district reviews are available at the TRC upon request. Science and math coordinators may want to contact Susan Dahl (630-840-3094; sdahl@fnal.gov) if they are interested in having their school visit to review software applicable to their curricula.

The Software Review is an invitation only event, but if you are interested in participating in the Software Review next year, please e-mail or send in your name, school and home addresses and telephones as well as your e-mail address. We seek to include educators from WI, MI, IN, IA, MN, OH and IL. The NCREL/MSC will cover participant travel or local teacher substitutes. Next year's Review will be held October 23-24, 1998.

Following are the reviewers favorite titles.

1st: Way Things Work 2 (Dorling Kindersley)

2nd: Prime Time Math - Fire (Tom Snyder), Stop the Rock - Bill Nye the Science Guy (Pacific Interactive)

3rd: Minds on Science (Tom Snyder), Genetics Fundamentals and Frontiers - CD-Rom (Videodiscovery)

4th: Telling Our Stories (Tom Snyder), Biology Concepts: Cellular Respiration (Educational Activities)

5th: BioFrog (Pierian Springs), Boxer Trigonometry (Boxer Math), Incredible Machine (Sierra), Inventor Labs (Houghton Mifflin), Leonardo the Inventor (Soft Key), Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (Broderbund), On the Brink (Bytes of Learning), Volcanoes (Corbis).

See the sciencelines Website for descriptions and details of the top five software packages.