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Staff Changes

This year brings some significant staff changes at the Lederman Science Center. While programs go on as before, we have several large holes to fill due to the departure of Dave Abler, Kris Ciesemier and Bob Gage. Dave took a job at Morton West High School as a dean of instruction with responsibilities for mathematics and science. Kris accepted a position at the North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium in Oak Brook. This time, Bob really retired! We wish them well in their new endeavors.

Priscilla Meldrim, whom many of you know, will be assuming a regular position and continuing her work with the field trip programs. Priscilla began working in the Education Office as a docent and was promoted to a docent coordinator when the Lederman Science Center opened in 1992. She works with teachers and docents to provide the best experiences for students. She schedules docents, arranges training opportunities, keeps track of everything in program databases and still has time to be a mother of three children. When not engrossed with her work at Fermilab, Priscilla enjoys watercolor painting, reading and cooking.

Sue Mendelsohn has joined the staff to work as a person-of-all-trades. For the most part, she will be working behind the scenes so that when our visitors come, everything works smoothly. In general, Sue looks after the computers, exhibits and the building. Before she and her family moved to Fermilab in 1986, Sue worked as an instructor of computer programming, mostly teaching mainframe languages, operating systems, and software packages to employees of banks, insurance companies, government, other big and medium companies. Sue worked at Fermilab part-time in Business Services for seven years, mostly looking after MACs and PCs and "tutoring" employees learning to use computer software. Sue is married to Fermilab physicist, Michael Church, and has two daughters. She enjoys "walking, hiking, bicycling, and swimming outdoors . . . particularly in the mountains or by the sea, neither of which exist in Illinois, sigh."

One position for an education specialist remains unfilled. We are seeking applicants for a challenging and stimulating position involving working with a team of teachers and scientists to develop innovative instructional approaches for K-12 science education, including incorporating technology. Primary duties include administering staff development programs for K-12 educators such as program design, development and implementation, evaluation and reporting, budget preparation and monitoring, dissemination and follow-on activities. Experience as a general science, physical science or physics teachers is essential.