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Teachers Needed to Participate in Fermilabyrinth -

a Program for Midlevel Students

You and your students can experience "cutting-edge" Web technology as part of a Fermilab Education Office pilot program. Fermilabyrinth is a collection of online games based on the hands-on Quarks to Quasars exhibits at the Lederman Science Center. The games can stand alone as a virtual field trip or be part of an inquiry-based classroom project. Although we are still developing some features of the site, there is currently quite a bit to see at http://www-ed.fnal.gov/projects/labyrinth/.

For more information about the site, please contact Spencer Pasero at spasero@fnal.gov or (630) 840-3076.


SIMply Prairie - a Pilot Program for Midlevel Students: Teachers Needed for Pilot Program

Your students can join a multi-site Web-based prairie research program this fall. We are developing an inquiry-based program that provides opportunities for students to conduct quadrat studies, record and analyze their data, and compare their results with students at other prairie sites. We are looking for teachers who have access to a prairie and the Internet and are interested in participating in this pilot program with classes from Illinois. Although some features of the Website are still being refined, you can get a good feeling for how your students could conduct research by looking at www-ed.fnal.gov/ntep/f98/projects/fnal/.
Students have access to:

  • guidance on how to conduct their research.
  • other students' data
  • information on how to do quadrat studies and identify plants
  • prairie experts
  • plant databases
  • interactive visualization tool
  • online resources.

The strength of the program will increase as we get student data for prairies in many states. Students will be able to compare the characteristics of the prairies.
The program is based on a local field-based program, Particles and Prairies, that we have run for many years. A sampler of information and activities from this program is available online at