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Want to improve your mathematics teaching? Need ideas for lessons or information for parents on the latest mathematics techniques? Want to help students learn to think? Then you'll want to visit:

Methods of Teaching Elementary Math Education, the homepage of Jack Gittinger, Professor of Education at Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa. There is a section on Fermi Process Problems and a list of Fermi-type problems suitable for elementary students. Numerous links to sites and documents referenced in this methods class gives you many areas of elementary mathematics to explore. MegaMath - excellent source of ideas for mathematics lessons not focused on arithmetic and Math Mania - problems from higher math for elementary students will make students think in a similar fashion as Fermi problems. Click on the Department of Education pamphlets for parents link and explore different booklets on various school subjects that you can either send for or print out and send to parents. Visit http://www.graceland.edu/~jackg/math/links.html.

University of Maryland Fermi Problems Site is a collection of estimation problems put together by the Physics Education Research Group at the University of Maryland. The problems are grouped by topics in physics: general, mechanics, oscillations and waves, thermodynamics and kinetic theory, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics. High school physics teachers can find Fermi problems in their favorite area of study. Click on references for a list of references on Fermi problems. Explore at http://www.physics.umd.edu/rgroups/ripe/perg/fermi.html.

You may want to visit "Constructing Mathematics on the Internet - Sum 96" at http://www.forum.swarthmore.edu/workshops/sum96/interdisc. View the set of pages entitled Fermi Questions in the Mathematics Classroom developed by workshop participant Sheila Talamo. Resources include sample Fermi questions, a Fermi discussion page, and an opportunity for users to submit a Fermi question.

Begin to build an online resource of lesson plans, activities and/or projects integrating the Internet into math, science, and language arts by visiting The Math Forum at the Web address http://forum.swarthmore.edu/ hosted by Swarthmore College. Find classroom materials, lesson plans, activities, Internet resources, projects and software, all divided by topics and levels under Math Resources K-12 to College. Find out what's going on in math by clicking on Key Issues in Math. Join a discussion group, read the newsletter, ask Dr. Math, peruse a Web unit and lessons or find that "Problem of the Week" you need for your class.

Fermi problems are named for Enrico Fermi, the 1938 Nobel prize-winning physicist. Read about his fascinating life and scientific achievements at http://www.nobel.se/laureates/1938/fermi-bio.html and http://fnal.gov/pub//about/whatis/enricofermi.html.