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Note: This is dated information. You may find that some URLs no longer exist.
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StudyWeb is a good page for students, families and library media staff to know about. http://www.studyweb.com/ brings you to the site that is "a categorized web center of research-quality educational sites designed to help students and teachers quickly identify and access useful information on the internet." Resource people will find the "Reference Shelf" a convenient place to go on a regular basis for directories, dictionaries and encyclopedias, etc. Home school families will find this a resourcenot only for student content sites but for curriculum and other guidance as well. Site listings show a visual content rating and grade level designation.

A site for your summer planning might include LiveText. Go to: http://www.ilt.columbia.edu/k12/livetext/ LiveText is maintained by the Institute for Learning Technologies at the Teachers College of Columbia University as a technology resource center for educators of grades 4-12. It includes essays and articles on curricula and integration of technology, particularly the Internet. The range of information is great from technical information about technology planning, communication tools and development to journal quality articles on integration into specific areas of the curricula. An "index" of topics listed is available to scroll through.

Maintaining a Healthy Computer is a good reference point for those doing computer maintenance and clearning. In spite of an emphasis on Windows-based computers, there are many general guidelines and suggestions for MAC users too. Topics include: managing software, troubleshooting, keeping things clean, etc. Most of the suggestions are from teachers who have computer experience. Information has also been reviewed by computer professionals. Supported by Central Michigan University. Link to: http://pip.ehhs.cmich.edu/healthy/index.html#menu.