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ASTC Teachers of the Year - LInC Leadership Team

Margaret Bingham, Mary Clifford, Sharon Gatz, Cheryl LaMaster, Stephen Meehan and Sharon White.

These teachers have devoted endless hours to creating and teaching the Fermilab LInC (Leadership Institute Integrating Internet, Instruction and Curriculum) program. Through their efforts, a growing number of teachers have acquired the technical skills to create Web sites; a pedagogical context for Web-based projects in the classrooms; and the resouces for extending these skills to additional teachers in their own schools.

For their efforts and dedication, Fermilab has submitted their names to be included in the ASTC 1998 Honor Roll of Teachers. Their names will be added to the plaque for the ASTC Honor Roll. They will be honored during Fermilab's Wonders of Science Show on Sunday, April 26. While National Science and Technology Week will be celebrated April 26-May 2, the teachers will be guests of ASTC between May 6-8.

ASTC is a national organization of science museums and centers dedicated to furthering public understanding of science and technology.