Fermilab Education Home sciencelines Home Page Spring-Summer 1999

New Staff

We are pleased to welcome two new staff members to the Education Office. Tom Jordan and Spencer Pasero began working in June after completing the 1997-98 school year. Tom taught physics at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. Spencer taught chemistry at York High School in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Tom Jordan has joined the staff to work primarily on a project to coordinate a nationwide education initiative to extend the education efforts of Fermilab and the Large Hadron Collider collaborations. University- and lab-based particle physicists will work with physics teachers near their institutions to adapt Web-based resources so their students can be electronic participants in experiments for Fermilab's Tevatron and CERN's LHC.

Tom has been working with other physics teachers to develop a prototype Website to deliver Fermilab datasets. The URL of the student pages is http://www-ed.fnal.gov/data/physical_sci.html .

Tom is a computer techie and comments that his two daughters could turn on their Mac to launch and use applications by the time they were three years old. He never really showed them; they saw Dad doing it and wanted to try themselves. Of course the apps they were using were different than the ones that Dad was.

Spencer Pasero has joined the staff to assume responsibility for our local programs, developing innovative instructional approaches for K-12 science education incorporating technology. With his background in physical science, we expect Spencer to help teams of teachers update and make coherent our physical sciences programs.

Spencer has been working with a team of teachers and Liz Quigg, Fermilab Computing Division, to develop a collection of online games based on the Quarks to Quasar exhibits at the Lederman Science Center. Classroom extensions accompany the games. A prototype Website, Fermilabyrinth, with five exhibitsParticle Count, Particle Families, Particle Graffiti, and Nature's Scale, and Race for Energyis currently accessible at: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/projects/labyrinth .

Spencer is interested in history, especially the American Civil War and Napoleonic Europe, plays bridge and volleyball and enjoys reading.