Fermilab Education Home sciencelines Spring 2000

ASTC Teacher of the Year Award

Barbara Romack, a teacher from the Kaneland Elementary School, has been selected as the Fermilab Lederman Science Center ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) Teacher of the Year. We honored Barbara for her involvement in several Fermilab programs. Barbara first became acquainted with Fermilab programs when she attended the Beauty and Charm teacher workshop. Based on her excellent teaching abilities, Fermilb staff invited her to become one of the developers and instructors for the Quarks to Quasars program. Barbara is currently a member of the redevelopment team revising the Beauty and Charm Teachers Guide. She will be a co-instructor this summer for the newly designed workshop based on the redeveloped guide merging the Beauty and Charm and Quarks to Quasars programs. Barbara also participates in Fermilab programs by teaching her students the curriculum unit, From Beneath the Ashes, and has written for the Fermilab Education Office newsletter, sciencelines. We are fortunate to have Barbara among our family of teachers. Barbara was honored at the Wonders of Science Show held at Fermilab on April 30 to celebrate National Science and Technology Week.