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Fermilab Volunteers with a New, Young Look

Fermilab graduate students have joined the dedicated corps of volunteers who share their enthusiasm about science and mathematics with students. These young volunteers are great role models for elementary, midlevel and high school students because it was not so long ago that they were K-12 students themselves.

Typical assignments for the grad students include judging a science fair, manning a booth for a career day, putting on demonstrations for an elementary school high interest day, participating in a "job interview" with a group of high school students or visiting a classroom.

Other assignments include talking with groups that visit Fermilab. These range from boy scout and girl scout troops to church groups and science fiction devotees. Grad students have also lent a scientist's viewpoint to some of our popular Science Adventure classes.

The graduate students' organization, Fermilab Graduate Student Association includes "outreach and educational programs" in their mission. Meet four GSA students in this issue to learn about their research at Fermilab, their educational backgrounds, why they chose science, and what is important to them about education. Read descriptions of four interactive presentations available to you from GSA and how to schedule them.