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Constructivism: An Educational Strategy
Construction and the Three Little Pigs

From the Summer 1996 sciencelines

Submitted by Pat Franzen, teacher at Madison Junior High School, District 203, Naperville, IL

Assuming that small children do still bring this schema into the classroom, even a pre-kindergarten teacher can construct excellent science experiences based on nursery rhymes and children's stories. Possibilities include: Humpty Dumpty (egg packaging - a mini-great egg drop), The Three Little Pigs (have children construct houses of straw, wood, and bricks), and Charlotte's Web (observe spider web construction).

The Constructivist Movement within the discipline of science coincidentally can be modeled by the "construction" of a long-loved children's story, The Three Little Pigs. Via this story, students can learn fundamentals of architecture, physics, math (measurement, etc.), language arts (story construction extensions), and a myriad of other connections.

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This is the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs. Other illustrators are also available.

For some humorous versions and other perspectives on this traditional story consider the following: