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Note: This is dated information. You may find that some URLs no longer exist.
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This section of sciencelines will share information about online resources. We'll also include information about projects in which you and your students may want to participate. Sites are not included unless they are accessible at the time of publication.

Please note that many Internet sites are now copyrighted. When using information and images from sites, be sure to reference and use them appropriately.

If you do not currently have access to the Internet, you do have options. Come use the ENC Demonstration Site computers in the Teacher Resource Center. You may want to attend an Internet Awareness Workshop. Look for one to be offered this fall

Possibilities! Integrating the Internet Into the Secondary Science Classroom is on the Web at http://kendaco.telebyte.com:80/billband/Possibilities.html. This site has received both the Scout Report selection and 4-Star Magellan Site awards. But, does that make it worthy of your time to look into it? Yes. Here you will find information on ways to evaluate Internet projects as well as opening up your thoughts about ways the Internet can enhance your science activities. Within the following categories of Interpersonal projects, Information Collection and Exchange, Problem-Solving Projects and Miscellaneous Projects, you can see a collection of links showing collaborative problem-solving, online courses, electronic mentoring, electronic appearances, social action projects and parallel problem-solving to name just a few. Bill Bandrowski also includes a highlight page of the month currently, the NSTA's Scope, Sequence & Coordination Project. The site looks to be a site that will be kept up to date regularly. Last updated June 25, 1996.

We are contacted by many teachers looking for physics education resources. In addition to our newly designed Fermilab Education Office pages at: http://www-ed.fnal.gov, we can recommend the Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP) site at:
. There are a lot of possibilities to do at this site. Whether you participate in the online interactive course "Fusion - Physics of a Fundamental Energy Source" or take the tour of the inner workings of the atom and tools for discovery, you'll find nice graphics and fascinating content. You can get information here about ordering their software or notebook and classroom posters on the Standard Model of Fundamental Particles and Interactions also. From Michael Barnett, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

Fisher Science Education combines the resources in the comprehensive Fisher Scientific catalog as well as the Sci-Ed Site Explorer browser to locate Internet science education sites. Accessed at: http://cybermart.com/fisher/v1/index.html, and you'll find not only the searcher and catalog but real teacher tips and a fascinating very complete science calendar. This can be a real useful science educator tool.

National Geographic Society Online is a new gem on the Internet. Whether you subscribe to some of these publications or not, you'll find explorations and opportunities to collaborate with archaeologists and others in field. Articles from the National Geographic Magazine, Traveler Magazine and National Geographic World (for students) are available. The latest exploration to the Hinalayas to find the ice princess includes maps and a journal to enhance the experience. Fun, informative and something for all ages will be found here: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/main.wd

You Can With Beakman and Jax at: http://www.nbn.com:80/youcan/index.html is a fun elementary site. This site's motto seems to be "A Good Question Is A Powerful Thing!" and includes a segment on "50 Terrific ?'s" posed by students, "Interactive Demos" and activities related to questions for students to do at home or perhaps in class. A nice feature is that when topics from questions relate to one another, they are linked. Information about the TV show, Beakman's World, is also available.