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American Renaissance in Science Education

The Fermilab ARISE Project applies the National Science Education Standards and the Illinois State Standards for Learning in a three-year high school science curriculum. The goal is to create 1) a coherent inquiry-based curriculum framework developed from unifying concepts and processes and 2) a report on six case studies documenting how schools apply the framework. The curriculum integrates and presents content so that an adequate knowledge base is established to support new investigations and develop scientific explanations. The program which supports systemic reform as called for in state and national reform is offered in partnership with two Chicago Public Schools, Best Practice High School and Whitney M. Young Magnet High School; and five other schools, Glenbard North High School, Carol Stream; J. D. Darnall High School, Geneseo; Oak Park and River Forest High School, Oak Park; and a two-school team from Galva High School, Galva, and Stark County High School, Toulon, all in Illinois. The curriculum framework and case studies have the potential to extend benefits to any school wishing to reform the high school science education program.

The ARISE Project is in its fourth year. Each year the teams have support for three weeks of summer curriculum work and an additional two weeks during the school year. Staff development activities seek to help teachers understand and implement an inquiry approach to teaching and learning in their classrooms, develop the new science sequence and develop ideas to maintain school district support for the project.

This year four teams are teaching the second year of the course sequence; one team is teaching the third year and one is teaching the first year. When students have completed all three years, the project staff will prepare the case studies to show the impact the new course sequence has had on teaching and learning.

Information about the teams and their courses may be found on the Project Website, www-ed.fnal.gov/arise/fnal_arise.html.

ARISE is supported in part by a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education Scientific Literacy program.