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Note: This is dated information. You may find that some URLs no longer exist.
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This section of sciencelines will share information about on-line resources including dial in, telnet sites and WWW sites. We'll also include information about projects in which you and your students may want to participate. If you locate some outstanding sites you wish to share, please contact the Teacher Resource Center.

If you do not currently have access to the Internet, you do have options. Come use the NCREL Demonstration Site computers in the Teacher Resource Center. You may want to attend the Internet Awareness Science Adventure.

sciencelines is now on the Web at: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/trc/sciencelines_online/ sciencelines.html. The "Bookmarks +" section allows links to the resources noted. Additional links within articles may also be included. This allows sciencelines to be read by many more people. As the publication changes format, it is felt that it changes mission somewhat too. We will be adding a feedback form that we hope will allow readers to give us a better idea of how sciencelines online may become even more useful to our readers.

Scholastic Internet Center Ultimate Learning Libraries includes a Middle School Science Library Gopher and an Integrating Technology Library. While this is not a very fancy site, the content is very useful with many of the articles and activites taken from the popular Scholastic publications e.g. Electronic Learning, Super Science Red, Science World, Instructor, etc. See the Integrating Technology Library section for Lesson Plans for using the Internet, Teaching with Technology and Technology Plan Resources. Connect to the "Learning Libraries" at:

From Now On, A Monthly Electronic Commentary on Educational Technology Issues
is a good reference site for articles and book materials on the topic of educational technology also. Very useful if your school district is developing a technology plan. You can receive the articles through e-mail by writing Jamieson McKenzie at: mckenzie@pacificrim.net or accessing the site with a WWW browser at: http://www.pacificrim.net/~mckenzie/

Savvy Search Colorado State University Computer Science Deparment has designed an experimental search system designed to query multiple Internet search engines simultaneously. Results are quicker than one might expect and nicely displayed. Try it at:

Optics for Kids: Science and Engineering
by Optical Research Associates has good content information for elementary and high school level students and teachers. There is a section on the basics of light, controlling light, lenses, magnifying glasses and lasers. Career information in the optics area is available here as well as a list of questions about light from an engineer's point of view and from a scientist's point of view. Some further references are included. See also "Help Yourself . . ." for information on the optics kit from Optical Research Associates also announced on the Web site. Connect at: http://www.opticalres.com/kidoptx.html

Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
(MSTE) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagin, Illinois. This site has a database for lessons in mathematics using the Internet. A listing of listservs for teaching and education related topics is very useful. If students are using the Internet for mathematics projects, they'll find the Online Data for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education directory which contains links of Internet locations to find real data in mathematics, science and technology education. Connect at: http://www.mste.uiuc.edu/