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Lots of Light Literature

The Teacher Resource Center contains a great variety of resources for all areas of science K-12. For the concepts of light here is a sampling of some of these resources.

Science is Elementary - Spring 1995, vol. 6, no. 4. Science is Elementary is produced by the Museum Institute for Teaching Science, 79 Milk Street, Suite 210, Boston, MA 02109-3903. Science is Elementary is a newsletter we have admired for years. The topic of this issue deals with Color and Light. It contains content information to the teacher, trade secrets or teaching tips, "Book Looking" section and the section call "Sciencing" which includes a variety of activities. Science is Elementary is published quarterly. Subscription cost is: $22.00/year.

NASA Teacher's Guide to "Astro1. Seeing in a New Light" was published in January 1990. The Teacher's Guide includes activities addressing six concepts. These concepts are: colors in light, seeing the invisible, waves everywhere, seeing into the universe, seeing through a filter and seeing above the atmosphere.The guide is written for middle school/junior high students but many activities will appeal to younger and older students as well. Easiest concepts are presented first in the book and increase in levels of complexity. Background is included for teachers and further references for students and teachers to further information. This publication is available free of charge through: NASA Lewis Research Center, Teacher Resource Center, 21000 Brookpark Road, MS 8-1, Cleveland, OH 44135.

Dorling Kindersley's new "Action Pack" series includes a set on "Light & Illusion. An Interactive Guide to Optical Tricks." The pack has board games, a poster, mirror mazes, 3-D glasses, a light and illusion laboratory box and a 16-page guidebook with information, instructions and the clear englightening illustrations to which DK readers are accustomed. The booklet presents explanations for waves or particles, sources of light, behavior of light, moving and color illusions and a total of seven experiments for which the Laboratory box can be used. Punch out cardboard templates for "equipment" such as the 3-D glasses and laboratory box are included along with printed illusions and color patterns. ISBN: 1-56458-897-1, 1995, $16.95.