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Fermilab Education Partnerships

Fermilab has had educational partnerships since 1990. Schools with minority populations have had positive connections with Fermilab staff who share the same heritage.

When the Greater Aurora Chamber of Commerce initiated the School/Business Partnership Program in 1990 the Education Office was teamed with Simmons Middle School, District 131 in Aurora, IL. During subsequent years Fermilab staff have made classroom visits, judged science fair projects and provided teacher enhancement programs. The focus for 1995-96 activities is technology in education. Teacher leaders at Simmons are attending several Fermilab inservice activities to develop their abilities to use databases, probeware, multimedia and Internet resources. Teachers from Simmons contribute to the partnership with activity inserts like the one in this issue of sciencelines.

Fermilab's partnership with Gary School, District 33 in West Chicago, IL began in 1992 when all 576 Gary students visited Fermilab for the AAAS Public Science Day held in conjunction with the AAAS Annual Convention. Students participated in hands-on science activities with Fermilab scientists at school and then rode buses to Fermilab where they were joined by Fermilab Hispanic volunteers who presented small science demonstrations during lunch. The Weird Science teachers presented a science show in the auditorium for all the students and their parent and teacher chaperones. Each year Fermilab staff members have worked with Gary teachers to provide exciting science experiences in the classroom. This year six scientists are working at Gary, one at each grade level. Almost half of the Gary students are Spanish speaking, and Fermilab has a unique opportunity to provide positive role models to encourage all students to have a lifelong interest in science-perhaps even choosing science as a career.