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Top Five Resources
from the 1996 Software Review

The Teacher Resource Center and the Demonstration Site for the Mathematics and Science Consortia of North Central Regional Education Laboratory held its Second Annual Educational Software Review on October 20-21, 1995. Educators participated in the review of over eighty products in the form of CD-ROMS, Laserdiscs, Probeware and educational software on disc. These products are in the Teacher Resource Center for educators to come in to preview themselves. The review forms of educators reviewing during the Software Review are on file to see grade level recommendations, strengths and weaknesses as well as other comments about the individual products. All positively reviewed products will be included in the International Society for Technology in Education publication, Educational Software Preview Guide published annually.

Participants received information about how to integrate instructional technology into the classroom and curricula as well as a bibliography of resources abouttechnology plans, research about teachers and technology and additional software review sources.

Schedule a visit to the Teacher Resource Center if your district, building or library is looking for information on multimedia materials for mathematics and science education.

Participants were asked what their favorite five products were of the items reviewed.

Here's the list for your information:

1st: Earth Explorer (Enteractive)

2nd: Astronomica (Hyper Quest)
Great Ocean Rescue (Tom Snyder) TimeLiner (Tom Snyder)

3rd: STV The Cell (Laserdisc)
Science Tool Kit (Broderbund Apple Probeware)

4th: America Alive
Information Finder (World Book)
Living Textbook: Fieldtrips (Optical Data Laserdiscs)
Math Keys
Millie's Math House
National Geographic: the Mammals
Particles and Prairies (Fermilab Education Office)
Sammy's Science House
Super Star Science
Zurk's Learning Safari

5th: All About Science
Amazon Trail
Body Scope
Culture & Technology (Learning Team)
Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science (Dorling Kindersley)
Graph Club
MAC Insight (Probeware)
SIRS Discoverer
Ultimate Human Body (Dorling Kindersley)
Widget Workshop
Windows on Science - Primary (Optical Data)

Look for a review of Earth Explorer in the Spring issue of sciencelines.