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Winter 1995/96 Teacher Adventures

Internet Awareness Workshop

Grades K - 12
January 27, 1996
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Do you know what the Information Superhighway really is, how to get on it and where it can take you? Learn the history of the Internet, how it compares with other telecommunication systems, some great educational sites and more. You will have an opportunity to spend time online learning and using Macintosh computers, Mosaic and Netscape two great Web browsers. Many great handouts and bibliographies
Instructors: Susan Dahl, Fermilab Education Office and Barbara Sandall, NCREL/Math and Science Consortium
Fee: $15/teacher

Hands-On Science

Grades 1 - 5
February 3, 1996
9:00 am - 12:00 noon

Hands-On Science is a traveling collection of interactive science activities and accompanying teaching materials which is available on loan to area elementary schools. New to the program is a complete teacher resource guide on mechanics designed for the K-5 teacher. The new guide includes the following: brief explanation of the mechanics of motion, historical perspective, detailed lesson plans with student worksheets, extensions for the classroom, resource list, overview of the scientific process and data collecting instruments.

Teachers will gain hands-on experiences with the activities and instructional materials at the workshop. We assume that one teacher from each school will share and coordinate the use of the Hands-On Science collection with the other teachers in that school. In addition to the resource guide described above, each workshop participant will receive a wooden ramp and roller.Instructor: Wayne Wittenberg, Benjamin Franklin School, District 41
Fee: $20/teacher, Grades 1 - 5

Beauty and Charm

Grades 6 - 8
January 26, 1996 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm and January 27, 1996, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Beauty and Charm, An Introduction to Particle Physics, is a series of simple hands-on experiments which portray concepts such as "Studying Things You Can't See," "Using Motion to Find What You Can't See," and "Seeing the Unseen." The purpose of the unit is to provide an experience which will broaden and enrich attitudes and develop an appreciation for physics and the work carried out at Fermilab. Teachers attend a workshop, teach the unit to their students and then may bring their students to Fermilab for a special guided tour which includes a Q & A session with a scientist.

In the Beauty and Charm workshop, teachers have the opportunity to learn by doing most activities contained in the unit. Helpful ideas, additional materials and suggestions will be introduced by the workshop instructors.
Instructors: James Cox, Hinsdale Junior High School and Robin Dombeck, Brookfield Zoo
Fee: $80/teacher
Graduate credit may be arranged.

Quarks to Quasars

Grades 4 - 12
February 17, 1996 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Explore the Lederman Science Education Center! This expanded Adventure includes "all the fixin's" to create an exploration based teaching unit on particle physics. Classroom experiments and demonstrations will make up the majority of the activities during your visit, with a special emphasis on the science demonstrated by the huge (Fermilab scale) Interactive Teaching/Learning Stations. Background information as well as a student and teacher workbook will be provided to all participants.

After this workshop, teachers and their students will be able to schedule a Quarks to Quasars field trip to the Lederman Science Education Center and see how high-energy science is pushing our limits of understanding into new uncharted areas.
Instructors: Robert Grimm, Fremd High School and Barbara Romack, Kaneland Elementary School
Fee: $30/teacher