Annotated Websites

We list the following on-line resources that were taken from sciencelines. We selected these resources including to accompany specific articles and classroom activities. The list is not an exhaustive list of recommended recources but is provided for educators who are looking for projects in which they and their students may want to participate. Some of the original URLs have become obsolete and we are working on finding new ones.

A2Z Science and Learning Store

Convenient shopping from your computer! You'll find many learning "toys" and books most of which are applicable to science and mathematics.


Grant opportunity resources.

Enrico Fermi
Nobel e-Museum

Biography of Enrico Fermi.

Fermi Questions
Sheila Talamo - The Math Forum

Resources include sample Fermi questions, a Fermi discussion page and an opportunity to submit a Fermi question.

FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
US Department of Education

Hundreds of education resources supported by the US Federal government.

From Now On
Jamieson McKenzie

Monthly electronic commentary on educational technology issues.

The Math Forum
Swarthmore College

Find classroom materials, lesson plans, activities, Internet resources, projects and software, all divided by topic and level. Join a discussion group, read the newsletter, ask Dr. Math and more.

Mathematics, Science, Technology Education Directory
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Database of lessons in mathematics using the Internet.

National Geographic Society Online
National Geographic Society

Explorations and opportunities to collaborate with archaeologists and others in field. Scroll to "Educator Programs."

National Science Teachers Association


Fact sheet, science scope index covering September 1987 to the current issue, html tutorials and editors as well as ftp sites and other Web links.

Optics for Kids: Science and Engineering
Optical Research Associates

Content information for elementary and high school students and teachers.

The Particle Adventure
Particle Data Group

Learn about particle physics.


Adventures in the subatomic universe for younger students.

Science News Online
Science Service, Inc.

Weekly news magazine..

Teachers Helping Teachers
Teachers Helping Teachers

Online teacher service and chat line with teaching ideas and tips.


The story behind the invention of the transistor, probably the most important invention of 20th century.

University of Maryland Fermi Problems Site
Physics Education Research Group

Estimation problems grouped by topic: general, mechanics, oscillations and waves, thermodynamics and kinetic theory, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.

The Why Files
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Illuminates the science, math and technology that lurk behind the headline news.