Niki Saoulidou (Fermilab)

Niki Saoulidou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Athens in 1996. Her involvement with neutrino physics began with her undergraduate diploma thesis with Professor G. Tzanakos, for the Fermilab DONUT (Direct Observation of the NU-Tau) and COSMOS experiments.

Saoulidou came to Fermilab as an undergraduate in the summer of 1996 to participate in the the calibration of the DONUT electromagnetic calorimeter. DONUT became her doctoral thesis experiment, and during her PhD years she was involved in all aspects of the data analysis: detector calibration, pattern recognition and event reconstruction, emulsion data analysis, and neutrino event selection and classification using artificial intelligence (neural network) techniques. In 2000, DONUT announced the first direct observation of the tau neutrino.

Dr. Saoulidou obtained her University of Athens PhD in 2003, and joined the Fermilab staff as a postdoctoral research associate on the Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search experiment. MINOS sends the world's most intense neutrino beam through 732 kilometers of Earth to a distant detector at the Soudan Mine in northern Minnesota. After a year's work on the installation and commissioning of the MINOS near detector, she is now analyzing data for both near and far detectors.

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