Project ARISE

We have archived this project. We held a workshop in 1995 and supported six teams of
teachers who ran an implementation pilot at their school. This site reflects their work.

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More students need more science!

How about a three-year standards-based program . . .

  • where learning science is something ALL students do, not something that is done to them?

  • where ALL students develop scientific knowledge and habits of mind through inquiry?

  • where ALL students need opportunities for an in-depth engagement in science?

    Let's turn the course sequence upside down. Making it hang together from one year to the next will educate a student who is more comfortable with science, technology and the science way of thinking.

  • (These are PDF files. You will need Acrobat Reader to read the files.)

    Open letter from Leon Lederman, September 2005. ARISE Reports:

    Three-Year High School Science Core Curriculum Framework (Bardeen et al., 1998).

    The State of Physics-First Programs (Pasero, 2001).

    Three-Year High School Science Core Curriculum Implementation issues (Bardeen, 2002).
    Instructional Materials Guides

    Do you teach a course in a coherent high school science sequence where teachers plan together?
    Do you know someone who does?
    Do you wish you could?
    Share your experiences and comments with us. Contact Leon Lederman at
    1995 Workshop - Fermilab ARISE Project