J.D. Darnall High School


Coordinator: Jenny A-Hoag Young
Earth Science: Brad Schoon
Biology: Phil Paulson
Chemistry: Elizabeth Heiberger

ILabS is a three-year class integrating the subjects of Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry.  Students will be in classrooms with each of the three participating teachers for a portion of each of the three years of ILabS.

Course Syllabus:

ILabS I (Fall 1998)

1st Quarter - Chemistry
Measurement; atomic structure; periodicity; ionic bonding; moles; solutions; conservation of energy
2nd and 3rd Quarters - Earth Science
Non-renewable, renewable, and nuclear energy; minerals;
rock cycle; soil formation; weathering and erosion; atmosphere; weather; climate; fresh water and oceans

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4th Quarter - Biology
Cellular structure; cellular transport;
human effect on land, air, and water

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ILabS II (Fall 1999)

1st Quarter - Earth Science
Topography; plate tectonics; EarthÝs interior; volcanoes and earthquakes;
fossilization, geologic time

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2nd and 3rd Quarters - Biology
Replication; transcription; translation; mitosis and meiosis; genetics;
causes of mutations; evolution; taxonomy

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4th Quarter - Chemistry
Quantum theory; covalent bonding; stoichiometry; gas laws;
acids and bases

ILabS III (Fall 2000)

1st Quarter - Biology
Plant and animal kingdoms; energy transfer in living organisms;
2nd and 3rd Quarters - Chemistry
Equilibrium systems; reaction rates; redox systems;
electromagnetic spectrum
4th Quarter - Earth Science
Earth-moon system; solar system; stars;
theories of formation of the universe
Last Update: August 24,2001