The Green River Project

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Phil Paulson's ILabS class at J. D. Darnall High School, went to the Green River and conducted a series of chemical and biological tests on the water to evaluate the river's health


The students of the class were trying to figure out the health of the river.








A Green River Mystery:

The resident river locals are dying and are found floating belly up!!!







Testing the samples

The water pollution is all a hoax!!!

The Green River is OK!!!





The ILabS (biology portion) class of 24 students was divided into groups which conducted the water tests and biological anlyses. The tests conducted by groups were: BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), nitrogen, phosphates, pH, temperature,turbidity, dissolved oxygen, total solids, and the anlysis of micro- and macro-invertebrates.



Analyzing the data from the sample





Recording results of tests

All of the tests were performed in one half of a school day. The following day, the students exchanged their data with each other to determine the overall Green River WQI (water quality index) and the health of the river.





Verifying results of tests


The students collected and compiled the results, and will publish their observations and findings on the internet.