Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 1: Theme - Mother Earth

I. Scientific Method Unit (SI, Intro.)

A. Science as a process

  1. Activity: "Toxic waste dump" (handout) - teamwork exercise

  2. Activity: "The broken TV" - problem solving

  3. Minilab: "How do you solve problems?" (SI, p. 3)

  4. Thinking lab: "How do you use reasoning in solving the problems?" (SI, p. 7)

B. Experimentation in science

  1. Minilab: "Which is the best clear plastic wrap?" (SI, p. 8)

  2. Investigation: "Using scientific methods" (SI, pp. 10-11)

C. Graphing of data

  1. Lab 2-2: "Using SI units" (GB, pp. 9-12)

  2. Activity: "Courting pennies" (handout)

D. Reading scientific articles

  1. Activity: "What's happening?" - read/report on scientific articles (ESAK, p. 300)

  2. Project: "Current events" - quarterly project

E. Performance assessment: Design your own experiment (present, steps, rationale)

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