Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

It is the philosophy of the ARISE team that science students benefit most by becoming scientific thinkers who approach scientific problems in a hands-on, engaged way. This is best achieved through an approach where students enroll in a three-year course sequence which explores the scientific disciplines through interrelationships of those disciplines, is aligned with the national standards and emphasizes real-world applications of science.
Year 1: Theme - Mother Earth

I. Scientific Method Unit

II. Plant/Prairie Unit (Botany)

III. Ecology/Ecosystems Unit

IV. Cellular Structure Unit (What is a cell?)

V. Chemical Structure Unit

VI. Static Electricity Unit

VII. Soil Formation Unit

VIII. Resources Unit

IX. Shelter Unit

X. Year-end Project: House Design Project

Year 2: Theme - Fantastic Voyages

I. Scientific Method Unit

II. Plant/Prairie Unit (Entomology)

III. Chemical Reactions Unit

IV. Cellular Processes Unit

V. Petroleum Chemistry Unit

VI. Water Unit

VII. Earth's Atmosphere Unit

VIII. Motion Unit

IX. Year-end Project: Fantastic Voyage Presentation

Year 3: Theme - Grand Designs

I. Scientific Method Unit

II. Solar System/Universe Unit

III. Wave Unit

IV. Electromagnetism Unit

V. SImple and Complex Machines (Chaoter 17)

VI. Cellular Reproduction and Heredity Unit

VII. Body Systems Unit

VIII. Weather Unit

IX. Year-end Project: Invention Convention (Design an invention)

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