What Happens When Things Go Near the Speed of Light?

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This site was born in a series of discussions held at Fermilab in the late winter of 1998. Meeting attendees included physicists, Education Office staff members and physics teachers. Discussions centered around the possibility of using particle physics data in introductory physics courses.

Paul Lebrun offered a charm decay dataset from E687 which could be used to support the study of special relativity. With support from the Education Office staff, the physics teachers worked to craft the present site. The teachers included: Bob Grimm, Science Department Chairman, Fremd High School, Palatine, IL David Perrel, Physics Teacher, West Chicago High School, West Chicago, IL Brian Wegley, Phyiscs Teacher, Glenbrook South High School, Glenbrook, IL

Tom Jordan and Spencer Pasero developed most of the Website. Also, two students assisted with the project: Andrea Wells was a senior at Northwestern University and Erica McEvoy was a senior at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. Both women played a large role in the construction of the Website.