Project Review Questions

The following questions are provided as tools to review your own work and to remind you of areas you may have missed or forgotten. The questions are not new; in fact, they have been taken from other LInC pages. The questions are put in this list for easy reference. This is not a comprehensive list of all the questions in the LInC course, however, it does address most of the significant ones.

The BIG Question - What is the Curriculum!

1. What do students in your course need to know and be able to do?

2. What areas/topics could be combined, reconfigured, tossed out or added?

3. What are the prerequisite skills and knowledge required?

What is your vision for the classroom?

1. How will the students be made responsible for their own learning?
2. How will you facilitate rather than teach?
3. How will students be involved in the decisions made about this project?
  • Who directs the learning in this project?
  • What is the student's role?
  • How does the student's role differ from the traditional classroom?
  • What opportunities for collaboration exist (both within and outside of the classroom)?
  • What provisions have you provided for special populations?

4. What is your hook? Will this project provide intrinsic motivation so the students are energized by learning?

Questions Related to the Best Use of Technology:

The Right Tool at the Right Time?

Is the technology a critical component of this project?

  • Is technology the content of the project or an enabling tool? It should be the tool!
  • Could the project be done as effectively without the use of the Internet?
  • What is the type of Internet communication the students are using during this project?
    • Are they sharing information with other classes or experts?
    • Is the communication one-way or two-way? (Are they giving as well as receiving information?)
    • Is collaboration taking place?
    • Is there an opportunity to publish student work?
  • Does the project require information that is very current or information that is evolving or constantly changing?
  • Do you need access to an expert or mentor?
  • Would different or multiple perspectives be valuable?
  • Would data from a different geographical area be valuable?