Project Introduction


Clear mind
Good connection
Supportive team
Working knowledge of communication tools

Be sure that the participants are established with their teams.

Be certain that they know how to post to the asynchronous communication tool (electronic bulletin board) you are using.


To identify the indicators of good project design
To view a model project


The purpose of this course is to prepare you to create an engaged learning project demonstrating the best use of technology, specifically the Internet. This project has three main components: the scenario, presentation page, and student project pages. Each component gives a unique perspective of the project.

Before we analyze each component in detail, we need to look at the big picture. Although there are many projects on the Web, not all of them are examples of engaged learning or effective use of technology. But, how do you determine which is a good example and which is not? This course will show you how.

To begin the lesson we are going to ask you to analyze a project. You may assume the role of a teacher or a student as you investigate the project, I Want to be an American Citizen, and envision this project as it progresses. Ask yourself the following questions as you read through the project:

What is the teacher doing?

What is the teacher's role?

How has the teacher structured the learning?

Describe the authentic problem or issue presented. How will you assess the student's product?

How does the teacher facilitate learning?

What are the students doing?

What is the student's role?

How does the student's role differ from the traditional classroom?

Who directs the learning in this project?

What modifications would you make to implement this project in your classroom?

How does technology support the learning?

Is the technology a critical component of this project?


These are guiding questions to focus on the identification and understanding of engaged learning indicators. Participants will be able to identify many of the important indicators, but you may have to probe for those they do not see. Not every engaged learning project includes every indicator.

After you have read and reflected about the learning taking place in this project, please write your response to the following questions:

EL1. What was effective about the project, I Want to be an American Citizen, and why?

EL2. Are there any aspects of this project that you find puzzling?

EL3. How does technology help to engage the learner?

Participants discussion of engaged learning indicators is crucial to the foundation of their understanding. This lesson would be most effective face-to-face, but it can be done online. Be certain to encourage interaction between participants and ask probing questions.

Look on the assignment page to find the due date of this assignment.

Specify the due date on the assignment sheet. Inform the participants exactly how you want them to post their responses on the communication tool you have chosen.

What to send: Your response to the three questions.

Where to send: Post your responses as indicated by your facilitator or as indicated on your assignment sheet.

Homework: After the due date for the responses, revisit the location of the responses and read everyone's comments that are logged. Post your reactions to what you have read.