Proposal Elements:
Bridging the Gap


To be able to identify the components which make a particular element (learner outcome, assessment, hook, authentic task, student direction, or best use of technology [BUT]) within an engaged learning proposal effective and well written


By looking at what makes up an effective element of an engaged learning proposal, the author of the engaged learning project will enhance their skills at developing and writing an effective proposal; one which will help ensure success of the project. The elements we will be looking at are learner outcomes, assessments, hooks, authentic tasks, student directions, and BUT. Each proposal element will begin with a short description followed by three poorly written examples transformed into their well-written counterparts, thereby "bridging the gap." An opportunity to try your hand at separating the good from the bad follows each discussion where you can award an element a "thumbs-up" or a "thumbs-down." Limber up those thumbs and get ready to go!