Scenario Rubric

Purpose: The purpose is to evaluate project scenarios and to give some feedback to the participants for further project development.

Project Name:

Project Authors:


Author E-mail Addresses (one per line):

Evaluator E-mail Addresses (one per line):


Possible Points

Uses the Internet for two-way/one-way communication
Mentors or collaborates with experts in the field
Receives the latest and frequently updated information on the Internet
Technology Design:
Depends on the Internet and is effective because of the Internet
Provides access to challenging tasks, opportunities, and experiences
Integrates technology in a meaningful way
Provides opportunities for sharing student's work
Curriculum Area:
Integrates multiple disciplines
Engaged Learning:
Students are energized by and responsible for their own learning.
Project includes an authentic task or ill-structured problem.
Assessment is ongoing—reflects both content and process.
Engages children in challenging learning
Students are flexibly grouped in order to provide equitable learning opportunities.
Teacher is a facilitator or a co-learner of learning.
Student is a knowledge producer/explorer.

Total Points Earned

30 possible



This rubric was designed to evaluate the engaged learning scenarios. It will also be a handy tool for you to assess your own work. If you would like a more detailed rubric, please view the project rubric that will be used for the final assessment. Sharing project rubrics or having students generate criteria for these rubrics can ensure a deeper understanding of the expectations.

**Note: A successful project does not need and probably won't contain every single indicator listed in the above chart.**