Great Room of Guild Hall


I will leave you now. I have told you all I know of guilds and you are armed with the questions from Luigi's Lecture Hall that you need to answer during your apprenticeship.You are ready to meet the masters of your chosen guild. Many masters are here today representing their various guilds and colleges, many from far away. I wish you speed and good fortune in your journey!



Guilds and Colleges

Entrance to Guild Hall  Printers Guild  Apothecary Guild Barber/Surgeon Guild
College of Physicians  Armours Guild  Mercers Guild  Clothiers Guild
Artists Guild Weavers Guild Bakers Guild Butchers Guild
Minstrel Guild  Bankers Guild  Lawyer College  Magistrates Guild
Astronomy College  Science College  Musicians Guild  Shipwright Guild
 Mapmakers Guild Glassblowers Guild  Goldsmiths Guild  Sculptors Guild

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