Ahhh, yes. The new applicants. Come in! Come in! My name is John Livermore and I am a journeyman here at Guild Hall. I have the duty of showing new applicants "the ropes" so to speak. If you follow me I will take you to the main part of Guild Hall where you will be able to meet many of the masters of our various guilds represented here. As we walk, you may ask me questions and I will try to answer them.


Entering great room of Guild Hall

Guild Links

From Sinclair Community College comes this site which is the focus for a unit to explore guilds. They take a look at the guilds of Florence, Italy and discuss the work of the Florentine sculptor Donatello.
History of Guilds
A short history of the guild system during the middle ages in Europe.
The Renaissance
Part of a unit from the University of Northern Colorado's art department, this section of their site contains a nice overall presentation on guilds and the changing social order during the Renaissance in Europe.
Topics in Western Civilization: Ideals of Community and the Development of Urban Life, 1250-1700 (1986 Volume III)
From Yale University, this site has great sections on the following topics: The English Guild Method of Learning; Masks, Costumes, Ceremony Life in Seventeenth Century France; Medieval Life: Squires, Maidens and Peasants; The Ideas and Ideals of Man, From the Renaissance to the Reformation; Wooster Square in the Context of the Italian Renaissance; Feasts, Fairs and Festivals: Mirrors of Renaissance Society; The Vision of the City in the Mind's Eye, 1250/1700; and The Illusion of the Renaissance. Pick your topic and you will find some great information.


Picture courtesy of Stewart Quinsolve at website William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon: Brief History, Times and References http://www.stratford-upon-avon.co.uk/soawshst.htm


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