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The Effects of Counseling on The Potential Drop-out

Statement of Situation:

Would you like to participate in a counseling program here at Carver during your Guidance and advisory periods that will help increase the graduation rate ? If so, see Ms.Robinson for details during your lunch period in room 142.In the Chicago Public Schools , attendance and graduation rates are at the highest level in a decade. Statistics show that 91.1 percent of all Chicago Public Schools students attend school everyday. Chronic truancy rate has dropped. Graduation rate is 65.2 percent, the highest since the 1985-86 school year. Carver's graduation rate is 56.3 percent, just slightly lower than the subregion, district and the State of Illinois which is 81.6 percent. In the counseling sessions, you will participate in making web pages using character building traits,use the internet to find resources that will aid in drop-out prevention and communicate with students via e-mail who have returned to school after leaving early to help you remain at Carver until graduation.

Criteria For Classification:

If you would like to increase the graduation rate , earn a higher grade point average and increase your potential for getting in the college of your choice, then complete the attached survey along with students from three other schools. By completing this survey ,you will be classified in order to participate in a counseling strategy twice weekly for approximately 70 minutes during your guidance and advisory periods here at Carver. Please click on the above link to view the survey.

Character Building Traits Web Pages Design:

If you wish to join the counseling sessions where you will use , design links and Make web pages on 10 Character Building Traits to be integrated into the four subject areas: Language Arts ,Social Studies, Science and Mathematics, please click on the above link to view these character traits.

School Connections Online Communication:

You may secure from Ms. Robinson in room 142 e-mail addresses to communicate with students from the three other schools in order to exchange information and feedback on the academic successes of the four schools involved.

Resources on Drop-out Prevention:

Use the following web sites on Related Resources for At-Risk Students to aid in drop-out prevention: Here, you will find information that will enable you to remain in school , make a good grade point average , find the support necessary to remain at Carver until you graduate and then go on to the college of your choice.

Delinquent, At-Risk and Nonconventional students

Buckner Children's Services

Youth Programs

Central High School

K-12 Student Services and programs

Interest-Nellie Mae Fund for Education Program Interests

Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA)

Help Agency Contacts-Juvenile Services Resource Directory

Links to Guidance Staff

Alternative Programs

National Drop-out Prevention Network

National Drop-out Prevention Network-Effective Strategies

The Drop-out

Drop-out Rates in the United States:1995/Acknowledgment

Drop-out Rates in the United States:1995/Appendix C:Table C1 Eve

SEARCH ENGINES- Use the following search engines to assist in collecting information and help using available resources: These search engines will help you locate research and resources that will improve your school work at Carver.







Time line and Assessments (Rubric)

At the end of the counseling sessions, click on the above rubric designed to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the counseling sessions. The sessions will last for a semester or when it is announced by Ms. Robinson.You will be using this rubric to evaluate the counseling sessions at the end of each semester or year depending on the progress.

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Author: Minnie L. Robinson (mrobiso@teacher.depaul.edu)
School: Carver High , Chicago, Illinois
Created: October 18, 1997 - Updated: January 10, 1998
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