Meet and Greet

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you . . . .


To encourage participants to meet each other and establish an online community of learners


Post your responses on the electronic discussion board. Check other people's comments and post at least one follow-up response to someone else's comments. Be sure to check with your facilitator if you do not know where to post your response.

  1. What grade or subject do you teach?
  2. Are you interested in collaborating during this course?
  3. What state or city do you live in/near?
  4. What kind of Internet access do you have in your classroom/school?
  5. What home page is your browser set to load when you launch it? Why?
  6. List your top three favorite Web sites.
  7. What hobbies do you enjoy?
  8. From the following, choose one issue that strikes home and explain why:

Look on the assignment sheet or the electronic bulletin board for your course to see if your facilitator has chosen specific questions for you to complete.