Goal and Objectives


LInC Online is a program that has grown from a site-based training model to reach a nation of change agents in the educational community. Our goal is to create a network of educational leaders who use engaged learning and effectively integrate technology to improve student learning and meet the needs of all students.


The purpose of the course is to teach the participants to:

Create an engaged learning project that effectively uses technology to meet the needs of all students including the Internet.

Apply engaged learning indicators* in project design by:

Apply best use of technology indicators* in project design by:

Identify engaged learning indicators by:

Effectively use online communication to collaborate on project creation and to share and reflect on engaged learning.

Use technology to support development and implementation of engaged learning projects by:

Create a staff development action plan for transferring the engaged learning practices, curriculum integration practices, and technical skills learned during the course.

*There are additional indicators found in Plugging In: Choosing and Using Educational Technology, 1995 that are not listed. The listed items are key components used in assessment of projects. It is assumed that the other indicators will be included.