Acceptable Use

If there is a need or concern about this issue, this page will provide information and a vehicle for discussion on the topic.


Concern about the issue


To explore issues of acceptable use related to Internet access


Prior to Internet use, it is a good idea to discuss safety and acceptable use issues with students. In most school districts, an Acceptable Use Policy is developed and then signed by students (and often parents) before students are given access to the Internet. It is important to check this out in your district before allowing students to use the Internet.

What do you think should be included in an Acceptable Use Policy? Should it include just Internet usage? Would you include general computer usage?

The following are some links to explore regarding this topic. You do not need to read all of these links. Feel free to browse until your question has been answered.

  1. Getting Started on the Internet: Developing an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) (by Sharon Cromwell on Education World)
  2. Internet Safety Education from iSafe
  3. Parental control from SafetySurf
  4. Staying Street-Smart: Internet Safety on the Web - Parent's Guide on Yahooligans!


Does your district already have an Acceptable Use Policy? What issues/items are included in the policy? Who signs it? Are there any items not included in your district's acceptable use policy that you feel should be included? Are there any items included in your district's acceptable use policy that you feel should not be included?

Discuss or post your comments as indicated by your facilitator.

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