Copyright Issues


Concern over the issue


To explore the issue of copyright regarding information and/or graphics found on Web pages


This is a great page!

I love this graphic!

I've got to have this background!

In class you may have discussed briefly some copyright issues pertaining to interesting pages and great visuals. The following links point to relevant information about copyright and the Internet.

From the Ten Commandments for Computer Ethics:

"Thou shalt not appropriate other people's intellectual output."

Information and/or graphics must be given proper credit. In past classes, teachers have obtained permission simply by e-mailing the author of the page and/or graphics. Be sure to mention that you are a teacher and will not be using the resource for profit. Many organizations are happy to allow educators to use their resources. As a general rule, ask before you use it and give credit if you do.

Take a look at the references and the information provided regarding this issue. You do not need to read all of these links. Feel free to browse until you have satisfied your need for information.

Discuss or post your comments on this issue as indicated by your facilitator or by your course assignment sheet..