Staff Development

"Where do we begin?"


Clear mind
An inquisitive mind
Good connection
Supportive team
Basic browser skills
Working knowledge of electronic discussion tools
Concern about the issue


To implement the role of teacher as facilitator, guide, co-learner and co-investigator

"The very mention of staff development conveys the impression of something done to teachers and to students rather than something done by teachers for students" (National Staff Development Council and National Association of Secondary School Principals Study Guide 1995). It is imperative to look at where current staff development is, and then take a look at what the future looks like in the emergence of professional development.
A bibliography of staff development-related readings is available as an optional resource to help you explore this critical issue in education today.
These articles have been judged to provide the reader with the most information in a limited time frame.  Educational technology innovation is more than skill building. The groundwork for the staff development that you accomplish may set the tone for educational reform in your school or district. The goal of this lesson is for you to become more knowledgeable to accomplish effective facilitation in engaged learning for your school or district.
Below are key questions that we have found to be very useful in this planning process. Post to the discussion tool your reflections on these questions and what you have read as assigned by your facilitator. Be ready to discuss possible "pot holes" and compensatory strategies for your specific road to technology innovation during your weekly chat.

As you start working on your staff development plan, consider the following questions:

  1. How does your school/district currently provide staff development?
  2. How does your school's current program support its mission or vision statement?
  3. Who is in charge of implementing staff development for your school/district?
  4. Who are the key people in your school/district that must buy-in to a plan?
  5. What do you foresee as obstacles to the integration of technology-supported engaged learning in your school/district?
  6. What were your best and worst past experiences with participating in or conducting staff development? Why?
  7. What are your questions and concerns about staff development in general, and about creating an action plan for your school/district with respect to integrating technology-supported engaged learning into the curriculum?
  8. How will you help others in your school/district to develop expertise in engaged learning, Internet skills, and in integrating these with the curriculum?

What to send: Reflections on the questions and responses to other reflections.

Where to send: Post your responses as indicated by your facilitator or as indicated on your assignment sheet.