Helper Applications


Basic browser skills


To set helper applications in Netscape


Your WWW browser (Netscape or Explorer) brings files using different file formats to your computer. Netscape and Explorer have the built-in capability to read (interpret and display on your computer) several formats, including the HTML format, as well as the gif, jpeg, and xbm graphic file formats. When your browser retrieves a file with a format that the browser itself cannot read, it attempts to use an external helper application capable of reading the file. Helper applications expand your browser's abilities. Netscape and Explorer use these applications to let you automatically decompress downloaded applications, view document source code, listen to sounds, play movies, and get better display of images. Most can be obtained free or as shareware.

Netscape and Explorer use a Preferences dialog box to allow you to examine and configure how a file's format maps to a helper application.The dialog box contains several fields and buttons, including helper applications.

Configuring Helper Applications

No matter what helper application you choose to add, they are all configured in the same way.

Select Edit from the Menu bar.

Click on Preferences.

Double-click on Navigator to expand the list, if it is not already expanded.

Select Applications.

Scroll through the list of applications and highlight the application you wish to set:

Choose the Edit button to set or change an application:

Edit the window as needed. Use Choose to find the application on your hard drive.