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Your group will design your project based on the learner outcomes in the framework of the procedures for growing bacteria.


The following list of activities will guide you through the proceedure for growing bacteria.

  1. Go to the resource page and view the web sites. Complete instructions for growing bacteria are included on these sites, as well as the background information on bacteria you will find helpful in understanding your project.
  2. Brainstorm the possible bacteria sites in your school. Make a list of the sites your group thinks should be samples. You should find 5-7 sites.
  3. Develop a lab proceedure from your research on the web sites.
  4. Have your proceedure approved by your mentor.
  5. Follow your lab proceedure to collect, prepare and grow your specimens.
  6. Collect your data.
  7. You must follow all safety proceedures to dispose of your samples when data collection is complete.
  8. As a group, you will enter your results into a spreadsheet and create at least two graphs that help illustrate your findings.
  9. After examining the data, your group decide what can be done to help and will write your conclusion to be given the the principal and custodial staff.
  10. Your report will be also be sent to your mentor at A&T.


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Author(s): Lisa Parker from Montilieu Avenue Elementary School (lisa7oo7@aol.com), Steve Abondolo from Northwest Middle School(abondolo@nr.infi.net), and Pat Abondolo(pabondolo@hotmail.com) from Oak View Elementary School
High Point, North Carolina
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