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You have just listened to an earthquake survivor tell about their experience during an earthquake.  It is hard for us to imagine what living through one is like.  You can visit the following site(s) to get some idea:

Charleston Earthquake

Natural Hazards Slides Vol. 1 - Earthquakes - General Topics: Main Menu

Natural Hazards Slides Vol. 2 - Earthquake Events: Main Menu

Photographs from the San Francisco earthquake

Earthquake Images - see photos of damage caused by earthquakes

Listening to Earthquakes - (USGS) Introduction and plug-ins  Listen

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Your task is to design an earthquake awareness product.  This product will be in a format that you decide on - video, web page, brochure, etc.  You and your teacher will decide which of your class members will comprise your research team.

What will earthquake awareness product contain?

You will market your product towards a community that you predict may soon have an earthquake.  Be prepared to justify your choice of area.

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Activities: Completion of these activities will help you obtain the information needed to complete the task of designing an earthquake preparedness product.

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Starting Points

USGS - Hazards Program - Stuff for Kids - These web pages were created especially for students. They contain information about earth structure, earthquakes, plate tectonics, and earthquake preparedness.

Federal Emergency Management Agency - government agency for disasters

South Carolina Geological Survey - State agency with earthquake information specifically for SC

Ask a Geologist (SC)  (USA)

Savage Earth Restless Planet - PBS series that explores the "explosive tics and fiery spasms of our not so "terra firma.""

Earthquake Shake - TheTech online museum exhibit

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On-Line Tutorials:

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial

On-line tutorial for PowerPoint 97

Web Page Creation--Frontpage 2000

On-line tutorial for Frontpage 2000

Web Page Design Tips

PowerPoint Show on Web Page Design

Video Tutorials

Learn how to edit, take screen shots, etc.

Creating a Pamphlet in Word

Shows how to create a pamphlet in Word 97

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Author(s): Starr Bright, Theresa Owens, Lu Anne Smith
School: Branchville High School, Orangeburg, SC
Created: March 21, 2001 - Updated: April 10, 2001