Are We On Solid Ground?
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As a student scientist representing Branchville High School in communicating with earthquake survivors and experts from around the world about earthquakes,  it is very important that you be courteous at all times.  You should also learn all you can about a topic yourself, before asking for information from experts.

In consideration of the time differences, and technological differences between schools and laboratories it is recommended that communications for this project be conducted by email.

In your first message to an earthquake survivor in another school make sure you:

1.  Introduce yourself by sharing a little about your likes and dislikes, family information, what Branchville is like, and some interesting things about your school or classes.

2.  Introduce your teammates.

3.  Give a summary of your understanding of this project and the kinds of information you would like to discuss and exchange.

4.  Offer to freely share any information that would help their classmates, as well as your project.

Student Pages

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Author(s): Starr Bright, Theresa Owens, Lu Anne Smith
School: Branchville High School, Orangeburg, SC
Created: March 21, 2001 - Updated: April 9, 2001