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Weekly Journal Entries

Take the last ten minutes of class each week to answer the questions for the appropriate week. Post your answers in COW under the topic of Journal Assignments.
Week 1(Date)
1. What tasks did you participate in today? What was your role? How did you feel when you were working on these tasks?

2. How did you feel working as a member of a group?

3. List some questions and points to ponder.

4. What needs or questions do you have of us for the next session?

Week 2 (Date)

Week 3 (Date)

Week 4 (Date)

Week 5 (Date)

Week 6 (Date)

Week 7 (Date)

Week 8 (Date)

Week 9 (Date)

Week 10 (Date)

Week 11 (Date)

Week 12 (Date)

Week 13 (Date) 

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