A Desert Oasis:

Keystone Park and Wetlands


Assessing Your Work

For ongoing assessment follow the guidance your teacher gave you at the beginning of the project. 

For final assessment the following rubric assesses what you learned about Keystone Wetlands and how well you conducted the waterfowl study. Other project rubrics assess other research skills.

Keystone Wetlands Rubric

Student Researcher: ________________________________________________________________________

Partners: ________________________________________________________________________________________



 Exceeds Expectations
 Meets Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations
 Points Earned
 1 or 0
 Describe the wetlands habitat.
 Detailed description of abiotic and biotic attributes
 General description of abiotic and biotic attributes
 Sketchy description of abiotic and/or biotic attributes
 List similarities and differences between native and restored wetlands.
 Detailed description of similarities and differences 
 General description of similarities and differences
 Sketchy description of similarities and differences
 Identify land management activities associated with wetlands restoration projects.
 Many accurate strategies
 Several mostly accurate strategies
 Few strategies; some inaccuracies evident
 Analyze the impact of specific human activities upon the wetlands habitat.
 Many accurate impacts
 Several mostly accurate impacts
 Few impacts; some inaccuracies evident
 Identify wetlands birds and waterfowl
 15-20 wetlands birds and waterfowl
 10-15 wetlands birds and waterfowl
 Less than 10 wetlands birds and waterfowl
 Explain important scientific, social, and aesthetic values of the wetlands habitat.
 Two attributes for each category
 One attribute for each category
 No attributes for one or more categories

OVERALL POINT TOTAL: _____________


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Author(s): Michele Stafford-Levy, Shirley Davis, Albert Alvarez Ortiz, and Ellen Treadway
School: New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Created: April 15, 2001
URL: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/lincon/w01/projects/nmsuwet/rubric.html